We are developers helping future developers.

To give underrepresented groups hope.

About us
We offer scholarships that empower you to learn coding by building stuff with people who want you to succeed.
Our environment lets you focus on building great products from day one with peers.
We think that building up coding experience often faces problems rooted in design. We believe to learn how to code and design you first simply have to build product after product that builds up layer after layer. Each project will become more sophisticated than the previous one. You might think, that's obvious. And you are right. But if you look closely this is often not the case.
Coding will open the door to a whole new life. That is why we offer scholarships to underrepresented groups, in particular women and refugees.
We are certain that your development skills depend on two factors: responsibility and relationship. So we carefully look for those participants that also want others to succeed. Strong but humble people.
Why devs upvote us.
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    CodeDoor has opened the door to a network of amazing developers and companies.


    Student, Full Stack Web Developer

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    Its the most rewarding work. Seeing others improving their lives is just incredibly awesome.


    Tutor, Software Developer

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    I am now in Norway, but working with CodeDoor enables me to also support students around the world remotely.


    Tutor, Software Developer

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