There are many ways to contribute

You have an old device you're not using anymore

The refugees needs laptops and devices to work efficiently. If you have an old but operational laptop that you don't use, you can help a student join the program.
Every laptop will be refurbished, the data will be completely erased and Linux Mint will be installed.
Thanks to our partner Packlink, you can send us the laptop for less than 5€. Use the following link for more information:
In Frankfurt and Berlin we can also pick up the device directly at your home or office.
Just contact us.

You love your field and want to share your knowledge

Studying online is hard. You need a strong motivation and a good autonomy.
Each student will be assisted by a tutor. They will meet online or in an office every week to ask/answer questions, explain their current work and their impediments.
The tutors will need some experience with development (full-stack javascript) but don't need to be a specialist since we have a big community to help answer technical questions.

Fill out this application form to become a tutor or simply to know more.

You want to help create a platform for students

The students, tutors and IT professional communicate on a platform where they can share, ask and discuss about different topics. Codedoor also needs to build internal tools to manage the organisation.
All the tools built will be made open-source.
We plan to use javascript for the frontend and the backend. MeteorJS seems to be a good candidate but we are open to any suggestion.
Contact us to know more.

Your organisation would like to offer programming courses to refugees

We would love to partner with existing refugee organisations to bring our program to a bigger audience. Please, get in touch with us.

You believe in our mission and want to improve our communication

We would love to reach more refugees with our program. For that, we need to communicate our mission to more people.
If you think you can help with this, please, get in touch with us.