General Questions

What is CodeDoor?

Codedoor is a non-profit organisation compassionately preparing and educating refugees to become software developers. The refugees learn how to code with the support of tutors that we train.

Why do you want refugees to code? Don't they need a safe place, water and food and clothing first?

Refugee camps cover most of the needs: water, food, clothing and a safe place to live. But there is almost never a solution how to safeguard education for refugees. We believe that helping refugees to learn how to code will make the most use of existing resources and provide refugees with a globally needed skill.

Questions regarding Donations

How do I donate a laptop?

Thanks to our partner packlink, you can easily send us your device. By using this link, you can benefit from our partnership with a discount. The shipping addresss is:
c/o Mr. Tobias Lang
Am Urnenfeld 35
35396 Gießen

Do all donations go directly to the refugees?

Yes, the devices are used in the classrooms. We do not sell your device or use it for our operations. We document everything in our fully transparent logistic dashboard.

I don't live in Germany. Can I still donate a laptop?

No matter where you live in the world, you can of course send us your laptop. Currently we offer in cooperation with Packlink a 10% discount for all shipments within Germany. It will cost you not more than 5 Euros to send a laptop to us.

How does CodeDoor fund its daily operations?

Our operating expenses are currently covered by ourselves. But if CodeDoor keeps growing as it does, we will need donations. We plan to be 100% sustainable in 3-5 years. We document every cash donation in our logistic dashboard.

Questions regarding the Students

Who receives the laptops?

The devices are used in the classrooms by all the students. If our stock allows this, we'd like to give a device to a student once he finishes the program (including courses, exams and a final exam).

Who decides which refugees participate in the program?

When refugee camp authorities send us the refugee profiles, we check if they meet our criteria. We often cannot meet with the refugees ourselves and trust the authorities that they are choosing the ones that really want to learn how to code.

Other questions

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Please email your question to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.