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We are currently accepting applications for the next batch of students.


Our program aims to teach women and refugees, but anybody can apply.
If you are a women, we highly encourage you to join our program.
You will take courses provided by Udacity only available in English. So obviously you need good English skills.
You will learn on a computer to build web - and mobile applications. You'll need a minimum knowledge to use and operate a computer.
If you're not sure about your skills, just get in touch with us, we'll figure this out together.
We provide you with a laptop and a place where you can work and have access to internet. Our offices are located at Social Impact Labs and selected Universities accross Germany.

How much effort and time you need

We will give you access to various code camps, which last a few months. You will need to work a few hours per day on this program, depending on your progress.
Every week, you need to attend a meeting with a tutor and other students where you'll discuss your work. You'll also have projects to build with the collaboration of other students.
We'll bring you technical knowledge, but also social experience.

Interested? Simply complete the application form and click here.

Wanna help? Propose a partnership? Donate some old laptops? Contact us