Our Motto: All Humans First

We believe the current technical education process should know no barriers. We are are a network of developers who want to help budding engineers build up their strengths. At CodeDoor, we’re dedicated to build an informal solution that developers want.


All Humans First is our motto. It resonates deeply with the founders and the team of CodeDoor. This moto is orginally from the team at Xerox Parc used over 50 years ago. In essence this is what drives us as well. Using technology to amplify the access to education for all humans.

CodeDoor started out as a private initiative in 2015. We saw that millions of people where forced to leave their home, in particular a lot of young people. Being developers we recognized the obvious: empower refugees to continue their education through technology. We launched a pilot project with just one user. He learned PHP for a company that needed a PHP developer. CodeDoor today has the same process, its just way bigger and serving all untapped minorities.

Your Contact

Nora Schimang

Community Lead


What others say about us

Pavlos Giannakis


"CodeDoor is the coder-way to give back to society. I have met incredibly smart and creative people in the last years as a tutor."
Alex Trampisch

CEO, Swiss Commerce

"The smartest way to recruit. We found a long searched for Android Developer who perfectly fits our team."

Anna Mueller


"The learning environment is what I was looking for. It is friendly and helps me to learn what I want."

Contact Us

Our Headquarter is in Frankfurt, Germany

We have students all over the globe.

You will find us at:
WeWork Taunusanlage
Taunusanlage 8
60329 Frankfurt, Germany

Please feel free to email us any time: hello at codedoor.org

What drives us

We are driven by curiosity and science. Our mottos are "all humans first" and "build what is truly needed."
What's next? We have an amazing partnership in the pipeline that is related to a revolution in learning how to code. Stay tuned!