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To master a language you need to go to the country where the language is spoken. To learn how to code, you should visit Coding Land. That's us.
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If accepted, start discovering your individual path forward. Find and test your interest with our help.

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Now you know your interest, train in the stack you want. Our tutors, who are among the best devs, will help you to be a top-notch coder.

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Get hired by the companies in our network, land that promotion or start to build your own products.

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Join an educational network of developers at all levels of expertise and companies of all sizes. Learn how to code with your individual curriculum and the help of experts in the field.

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When joining the CodeDoor network, you will be accompanied by the best coders. We will connect you to awesome curriculum providers, match you with incredible companies and can even help you to build your own startup. On top of this benefit from training amongst other students.

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Project Code1000: CodeDoor breaks barriers with 1,000 scholarships

Access to education should know no barriers. Thanks to our partners Udacity, Salesforce, GitHub, AWS, Google and many others, we have the opportunity to award scholarships. Please apply via our form.

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How it works for companies

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Give existing staff or new candidates access to tailored training that elevates their skills.

Top developers

At the end of our program you will benefit from awesome developers who want to work for you and are trained in Back End, Full Stack, AI/ML, VR, Mobile and more.

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Hire exactly the right coder at less costs

Finding a great coder is pretty hard because they are so in demand. As a company you will have the unique opportunity to access top-notch developers trained in the skills you need. Through our model you will only have to pay 1/3 of the usual hiring costs.

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Make hiring offers at low risk

With the CodeDoor training method you will know if the candidate is pesonally a right fit for your team and vice versa. We match you with your potential coder from day 1.

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What others say about us

Pavlos Giannakis


"CodeDoor is the coder-way to give back to society. I have met incredibly smart and creative people in the last years as a tutor."
Alex Trampisch

CEO, Swiss Commerce

"The smartest way to recruit. We found a long searched for Android Developer who perfectly fits our team."

Anna Mueller


"The learning environment is what I was looking for. It is friendly and helps me to learn what I want."

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Our Headquarter is in Frankfurt, Germany

We have students all over the globe.

You will find us at:
WeWork Taunusanlage
Taunusanlage 8
60329 Frankfurt, Germany

Please feel free to email us any time: hello at codedoor.org

What drives us

We are driven by curiosity and science. Our mottos are "all humans first" and "build what is truly needed."