Become an excellent developer

your journey with CodeDoor

4-6 weeks

Learning the basics

The first weeks are dedicated to learning the basics and find out if coding in general and with CodeDoor specifically is right for you. You get access (online and offline) to our community of fellow students and experienced tutors who will accompany you on your way. The goal is to gather all the knowledge you need to pass the Coding Challenge! If you are an experienced developer already, you can skip this part.

2 weeks

The Coding Challenge

We want to make sure you know enough to keep up with the pace of the online courses later on, that is why we designed the Coding Challenge! If you don't pass the challenge in the first run, you will get helpful feedback on what to improve to give it another go.


Choosing your path

Passing the Challenge is a huge step - you proved that you are capable of teaching yourself, searching online for solutions, asking for help and getting through bug fixing - the day to day business of every developer! Now it's time to discuss the next step with your regional coordinator: Are you eligible for a scholarship and in which area do you want to deepen your knowledge?

6-10 month

Become a professional

If you are granted a scholarship you will have our full support for any courses that will help you become an excellent developer! You keep learning alongside other students and with the help of your tutors in the meetings and through slack. We can also try to help you to land a job at one of the companies in our network (that's optional, of course).

Contact Us

Our Headquarter is in Frankfurt, Germany

We have students all over the globe.

You will find us at:
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Please feel free to email us any time: hello at

What drives us

We are driven by curiosity and science. Our mottos are "all humans first" and "build what is truly needed."
What's next? We have an amazing partnership in the pipeline that is related to space. Stay tuned!